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Guidelines for access to the event platform

Below, we share some guidelines on how the dynamics of CGPLP / CBGQ DIGITAL - 2021 will be. From August 22 to 24, 2021, you will access the event's virtual environment through this website. Click on the call “Access the online event here” and enter the platform by entering the same login and password created when registering, which you use to access your restricted area.

Upon entering CGPLP / CBGQ, you will see:

It is very important to set up your agenda with the activities of interest so as not to miss the opportunity to engage through CHAT. The debate on the activities will only take place on LIVE.

Oral presentations of works will also take place in the rooms, with videos previously recorded by the authors being reproduced and, afterwards, there will be a LIVE debate with the audience present, via chat.

Certificates of:

- Participant in XVCGPLP and XVIIICBGq - Digital Edition

- Short Course Participant

- Authors of Scientific Work - Oral *

- Authors of Scientific Work - E-Poster *

* One (1) certificate will be issued for each paper submitted, including the name of all authors. The certificates must be printed by the author who uploaded the presentation of the oral work and the E-poster. Access to the certificate will be through the platform with login and password.



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