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Valderez P. Ferreira Federal University of Pernambuco - President
Alcides N. Sial Federal University of Pernambuco
Anelise L. Bertotti Federal University of Pernambuco
Charles H. Sales Federal University of Pernambuco
Maria de Lourdes Rosa Federal University of Sergipe
Mariucha M. Correia Lima Water and Climate Agency of Pernambuco
Paulo Riedel Federal University of Pernambuco
Renan Siqueira Federal University of Pernambuco
Thyego Roberto da Silva Water and Climate Agency of Pernambuco


Alcino Sousa Oliveira  Trás os Montes University, Portugal
Alexandre Raphael  Cabral Federal University of Minas Gerais
Amadeu Carlos dos Muchangos Univ. Eduardo Modlane, Mozambique
Antônio Olímpio Gonçalves Agostinho Neto University, Angola
Cândido Moura Federal University of Pará
Carlos Dinges Marques de Sá Federal University of Sergipe
Colombo Celso G. Tassinari University of Sao Paulo
Eduardo Ferreira da Silva University of Aveiro, Portugal
Emmanoel Vieira da Silva Filho Federal Fluminense University
Estêvão Inácio Sumburane Mining geological association of Mozambique
Fernando Noronha (U. Porto) University of Porto, Portugal
Herbet Conceição Federal University of Sergipe
Ignez de P. Guimarães Federal University of Pernambuco
Isabel Margarida Antunes  University of Minho, Portugal
Jacinta Enzweiler University of Campinas
Joana Ribeiro University of Coimbra, Portugal
João Graciano Filho (UFRJ) Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
João Mata University of Lisbon, Portugal
João Reynolds Marques Mining geological association of Mozambique
Jorge Carvalho de Lena Federal University of Ouro Preto
José Manuel Marques Instituto Superior Técnico
José Virgílio de Matos Figueira Cruz University of Azores
Júlio Cesar Wasserman Universidader Federal Fluminense
Marcos Nascimento Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Maria de Lourdes Rosa Federal University of Sergipe
Maria Elisa Preto Gomes Trás os Montes University, Portugal
Maria Orquídia Teixeira Neves Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Marly Babinski University of Sao Paulo
Otávio Licht Federal University of Paraná
Rita Maria Fonseca Ferreira  University of Évora, Portugal
Rita Salgueiro federal University of Ceara
Sónia M. D. M. Silva Victória  University of Cape Verde
Teresa E. Leitão National Civil Engineering Laboratory, Portugal
Virginio H.L. Neumann Federal University of Pernambuco



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